Monday, September 9, 2013

Nine Months Later.

It's been another great day, nine months worth of great days. It has taken me so long to write this final conclusion to my experience. In all honesty I have been putting it off. Writing this means the experience really is over and that is something that is very hard for me. I love with all my heart the people of the South and even though I cannot be there I feel a piece of my heart has been left there forever. Before serving this mission I remember telling my Mom that it felt like a piece of me was missing. Also that there were people I was supposed to meet and experiences I was supposed to have that I would not be able to have any other way. After returning home I have felt that that void has been filled and will forever treasure the memories I have and all of my new friends.
Words really cannot express adequately how I felt upon returning home from serving my mission, or how it felt to serve a mission. Both experiences were the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and the most rewarding at the same time. In the field the days felt like weeks and the weeks felt like days, yet it was so worth it!
What was the best part about serving a mission?  That is definitely a very hard question. Looking back now I would have to say that one best things about serving a mission was how you personally come to learn to rely on the lord. Though it sounds like a hard thing it is very rewarding.
Coming home from the mission was a "surreal" experience for me. You try everyday while on the mission to focus on the work and to not think of home (or as they call it, being "trunky"). Then the day comes (after what seems like nearly eternity, or a minute..) that you are being driven to the Airport and boarding a plane for home. The people you weren't supposed to talk to or think about are suddenly apart of your life again and its ok to hang out with them! I remember dropping my bags and running to my family when I saw them at the airport. They had made me a 'finish line' that I got to run through. Words cannot describe the feeling it was to be able to hug my Dad and Mom again. I remember the first words to my Dad were that "I did it..I did really Good. You would've been so proud." So many loved ones came to greet me at the airport and I thank all of them for their love and support. A friend told me once to always remember when times get hard that "there are people waiting with balloons on the other side." That they were and It was a great day.
Once I returned home from my mission in December I had a week and a half at home before returning to school. There is a God and I know his hand has been in my life. I needed the structure that came from going to school and he has blessed me with so many opportunities that have helped me to grow. It is true that God really does bless us and love us. As an update I am now about to start my third semester back at BYU-Idaho and am three semesters away from graduating with my BFA in dance. I have been able to find a Job and I can without a doubt say that God has played a huge part in everything...Funny thing about saying that is I know that he did play a huge part in everything before my mission and always will... It is just easier and I feel I am able to recognize it better now.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have served a full-time mission. There are so many things that I learned. I have returned home a more responsible individual with a real understanding of why we do what we do as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. I feel that I understand the Gospel more then I did before. This is something that I will never let go away. A wise man once told me that even though you will not be wearing the name tag forever, "never take the gospel out of your heart". I will forever love the Lord, his Church and his Gospel. I know that this is his restored church on the earth, It has to be and makes so much sense. The witness of the truth of this has also been confirmed to my mind and heart by the Holy Spirit. Though I am not perfect, I feel I know how to repent now better then I did before. There is a practice in place in my life now and I know how to set goals and make the necessary plans to do so. I want to change and do all I can to become more like Jesus Christ, feel of Gods love and return to live with him one day.
A Thank You will feel sufficient for everyone who looked out for my family while I was gone. I am so grateful for all who did so much for them while I was away. Thank you. Also, I am very grateful to my family for affording me the opportunity to serve a mission. Without them I would not have been able to serve when I did. I know it was a sacrifice for them and I need them to know I am forever grateful.
Again...Thank you. Thank you to everyone who read this blog and to those who prayed for me. I pray for you often too.

One last thing...if you are ever looking for something more in your life and you want to know why I am so happy all the time, please ask me. I have a great book I would love to recommend for you to read.

Thank you.

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